Saving Your Natural Teeth

As we get older we will start to lose our natural teeth.  This can happen from smoking, calcium loss, physical injuries, failure to care for our teeth and more.  When this happens, partial dentures north lauderdale or a full set of dentures may be required.  If you need partial dentures, here are some tips to try to save your remaining teeth.

Remove all your teeth

When it comes to your partial dentures you want to remove all dead or dying teeth around where you will get your partial.  The reason for this is that if you have a clean area for your dentures they will be much easier to manage.  If you have gaps and try to piece in dentures here and there then you could end up causing damage to your natural teeth and then be in need of additional dental work.

Brush and floss regularly

Just like anything else you want to brush, floss and use mouth wash.  Once you start to lose your teeth you want to kick into preventative mode and try to save what teeth you have left.  When we brush and floss, we are removing particles that can damage natural teeth as well as your partials.  This process will help to save what teeth you have left as well as maintain the new teeth you just had created.

Watch what you eat

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Avoid foods that can cause damage to your teeth.  These are foods high in sugar, acid content and can be difficult to chew or process.  When we watch what we eat we are working on the process of and good eating habits that we can follow throughout the rest of our lives.  The sooner we learn these habits however, the greater our chances to keep our natural teeth and not be in need of partials or full sets later in life.

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